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Public Policy And Leadership Across Sectors Minor

Public Policy And Leadership Across Sectors Minor

The Public Policy and Leadership Across Sectors (PPLAS) minor introduces students to the policymaking process, the practice of policy analysis, and public service values. Recognizing the importance of cross-sector collaboration as part of the policymaking process, the PPLAS minor also equips students with the necessary leadership skills to develop a multi-sector approach to solving complex public policy issues.

Who is the PPLAS minor intended for?

The PPLAS minor is designed for individuals who are passionate about effecting positive change in society. It appeals to students who have a keen interest in understanding how public policies are developed and evaluated in the real-world, as well as the dynamics of cross sector collaboration, which plays an increasingly important role in the policymaking process.

The minor is ideal for those who aspire to become future leaders in government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations. Students who enjoy interdisciplinary approaches, critical thinking, and problem-solving across sectors will find this minor valuable in developing the knowledge and skills necessary for impactful leadership in a rapidly changing world.

Program Requirements

The PPLAS minor consists of 18 credits, comprised of the following:

Prescribed Courses

Students completing the PPLAS minor must complete the following prescribed courses:

  • PUBPL 304W: Public Policy Analysis (3 credits)
  • PUBPL 305: Leadership Studies (3 credits)

Additional and Supporting Courses

Students must also complete 12 additional credits, comprised of additional and supporting courses. A representative list of such courses can be found by clicking on the link below.

Please note: students may substitute courses listed in the representative course list with suitable alternatives, subject to the approval of the School of Public Policy’s Director of Undergraduate Studies. If you have any questions about whether a course can be counted towards the PPLAS minor, you are encouraged to contact Jeremy Hoffman (

Unique Course Requirement

At least six credits taken as part of the minor must be unique from the prescribed courses required by a student’s major(s).

400-Level Course Requirement

At least six credits taken as part of the minor must be at the 400-level.

Grade Requirements

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor, as specified by Senate Policy 59-10.

Declaring the PPLAS Minor

The PPLAS minor can be declared any time after a student has been accepted into a major and has attained third semester classification. Students can apply for the PPLAS minor in the “Update Academics” area in LionPATH.

While students cannot declare the PPLAS minor until they have attained third semester classification, they are not precluded from and are encouraged to take courses that can be counted towards the PPLAS minor before they achieve third semester standing.

Deadline for Acceptance into the Minor

To graduate with the PPLAS minor, a student must be accepted into the minor before the late drop deadline of their last semester. Please refer to the University Registrar’s academic calendar for details regarding late drop deadlines.

A certificate will be awarded to each graduate who successfully completes the minor. A statement that a minor in Public Policy and Leadership Across Sectors has been conferred will also appear on a student’s transcript.


If you have any questions about the PPLAS minor, please contact the School of Public Policy’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jeremy Hoffman (