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International Conference for Public Management Research

International Conference for Public Management Research

The Experiment Lab for Public Management Research (EXPMR) of the KDI School of Public Policy and Management invites you to our second international conference under the title of “Leading Experimental Research in the Asia-Pacific Region,” December 3-4, 2020 (Dec 2-3, 2020 EST). The virtual conference will focus on the topics of behavioral and experimental research in public policy and administration. The virtual conference will focus on the topics of behavioral and experimental research in public policy and administration with Penn State faculty Anthony M. Bertelli, Emily L. Pakhtigian, Christopher Witko, Johabed G. Olvera, Maithreyi Gopalan, and Tima T. Moldogazîev. Registration for this virtual conference is open to the public. 

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A Selection of Notable Sessions:


Plenary: Behavioral Public Administration and the Comparative Context 

December 2, 6:10—6:50 p.m. EST Time/December 3, 08:10-08:50 Seoul Time

 What is Behavioral Public Administration Good For? 

– Anthony M. Bertelli, The Pennsylvania State University 


Advancing Global Public Administration Knowledge: Comparative 

Experimental Research on Accountability and Public Service Delivery 

– James L. Perry, Indiana University 


Panel 2  

December 2, 8:50—10:05 p.m. EST Time /December 3, 10:50—12:05 Seoul Time 

Collective Action for Sanitation: Evidence from Experimental Games in Rural India  

Emily L. Pakhtigian, The Pennsylvania State University  


A Matter of Perspective: Differential Evaluations of AI Tools Between Managers and Staff in an Experimental Simulation 

Matthew M. Young, Syracuse University  


Evaluation of Volunteered Geographic Information Systems for Prevention of Invasive Alien Spices  

Helen K. Liu, National Taiwan University  


Discussant Christopher Witko, The Pennsylvania State University 



Panel 4 

December 3, 6:00— 7:15 p.m. EST Time/December 4, 08:00-09:15 Seoul Time 

Implementers’ Job Discretion Preferences under Pay-for-Performance: Testing the Role of Type and Framing of Incentives 

Johabed G. Olvera, The Pennsylvania State University 


Mayoral Preferences for Delegation in Collaborative Arrangements: Issue Salience and Policy Specificity 

Ricardo Bello-Gomez, Texas Tech University 

Artificial Intelligence and Automation Bias in the Public Sector 

Justin Bullock, Texas A&M University 

Discussant Kenneth A. Kriz, University of Illinois at Springfield 


Panel 5 

December 3, 8:25—9:40 p.m. EST Time/December 4, 10:25-11:40 Seoul Time 

Applying Behavioral Insights to Public Policies in the Asia-Pacific Region 

Maithreyi Gopalan, The Pennsylvania State University 


Intersectional Minorities and Citizens’ Public Hiring Preference: By Whom They Want to Be Represented 

MJ Lee, Yonsei University 


Too competitive a civil service examination may screen out applicants with a higher PSM. 

Chung-An Chen, Nanyang Technological University 

Discussant In-Bok Lee, KDI School of Public Policy and Management