Education Policy Specialization

Penn State Master of Public Policy education specialization sample list of concentration courses. The flexibility of Penn State’s MPP program allows students to choose an existing specialization or design a specialization that draws on the expertise of faculty from across the University Park campus. Within the specialization, students will work with their academic advisor to create a curriculum plan that meets their career goals.

Education Policy

EDTHP 420:  Education and Public Policy
EDTHP 426:  Economic Foundations of Education Policy
EDTHP 427:  Intelligence and Education Policy
EDTHP 430:  History of Education in the United States
EDTHP 435:  Child Labor and Education in the Global Economy
EDTHP 497: Globalization and Education
EDTHP 516:  Education and Demographic Change
EDTHP 518:  Analysis of US Educational Policy
EDTHP 520:  Perspectives on Contemporary School Reform
EDTHP/HIED 522:  Economics of Education
EDTHP 533:  Social History and Educational Policy
EDTHP/EDLDR 542: Civil Rights & Education
EDTHP 550: Comparative Education Policy
EDTHP/EDLDR 587: Educational Policy & Politics
EDTHP 597: Interdisciplinary Perspectives to Understand Educational Disparities
EDLDR 476: The Teacher and the Law
EDLDR 520:  Sociology of Rural Schools and Communities
EDLDR 536: Federal Education Policy
EDLDR 573: Public School Finance
EDLDR 576: Law and Education 
HIED/EDTHP 521: Data Analysis for Education Research
HIED 597: Higher Education & Public Policy

*This a sample list of courses that could be used to complete the requirements for this specialization